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Mariana Flores
Mariana Flores was born in Los Cabos, Mexico before making her way to Los Angeles where she studied at The Stella Adler Academy of Acting. Flores quickly went on to work in theatre, independent films, and television. It was only by happenstance did Flores’ manager pitch her to audition for The Dishwasher, where she proved her talent to be undeniable. In the film, Flores approaches the role of Felipita with both tenderness and ferocity, depicting the truly heartbreaking process that which the protective mother must endure. 

Sean Burgos
Sean Burgos is a Southern California native whose parents descend from Sinaloa, Mexico. Upon graduating from Chapman University with a BFA degree in Theatre Performance, Burgos co-founded his own theatre company, the Actors Circle Ensemble, based in Los Angeles. Burgos also works in film, television and voice over. In The Dishwasher, Burgos approaches the role of Javier with an incredibly brave and vulnerable performance, portraying a timid man forced to make a tragic decision on behalf of his family.

Ian Inigo
Ian Inigo was born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents from Mazatlán and Mexico City. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and French.  At just ten years old, The Dishwasher was Inigo’s first film, portraying Cristian, the little boy whose family encounters the sadistic Puerto Penasco cartel. Holding an emotional truth and intelligence beyond his years, Inigo tackles the role with incredible instincts and a tragic innocence, capturing the heart of every viewer. 

J. Carlos Flores
Born in Saltillo, Mexico, J. Carlos Flores soon made his way to Mexico City where he found regular work in television as an actor and dancer. Speaking very little English when he arrived in Los Angeles, Flores quickly picked up the language and began working professionally within months. Flores made a self-tape audition for The Dishwasher, portraying the role of Soldado with both a terrifying and vulnerable menace about him, humanizing the sadistic sicario. 

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