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proof of concept short film - fiction - 13min55 - usa - spanish with english subtitles
color - aspect: 2:39 - dcp - sound: stereo

A young family is thrown into upheaval when they receive a sinister message in
Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico. 

THE DISHWASHER (EL LAVAPLATOS) follows a little boy named Cristian, whose father has recently been promoted from dishwasher to line-cook, and decides to take his family out for a celebratory dinner that evening. The happy family’s dinner is suddenly interrupted when they receive a message from El Pez, an underboss for the local cartel. And just like that… The celebration is over. El Pez orders his henchman, Soldado, to approach the family’s table where he gratuitously flexes his power. Forcing Cristian and his parents into a fight-or-flight situation, the walls continue to close in on the young family in this unrelenting thriller, culminating with a plot for vengeance.

Written & Directed By
Jordan Jacinto

Produced By
Amir Malaklou & Marissa Messina

Translations By 
Luis Gonzalo Soto Flores

Sean Burgos
Mariana Flores
J. Carlos Flores
Ian Inigo
Chuy Duran
Jordan Jacinto
George Capacete

Director of Photography
Aaron Seller

Production Designer
Francesca Parodi

Payton Koch

Tyler Roth/Company 3

Associate Producer
Garrett Weaver

Mikhail Marchenko

Sound Design/Re-Recording Mixer
Anna Wozniewicz

Unit Production Manager
Marissa Messina



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